So, I work with children and parents to find solutions to concerns, or worries or problems. Coaching is making it better – making it good – making it great.

If your children are driving you completely mad – insane – and you just want someone to help you or them in a non judgmental, respectful way – that’s what Coaching is.

It’s all about finding ANSWERS to things like arguing, fighting, low self esteem, friendship, bullying, attitude problems at home / school.

Here are some answers from one of my 8 year old Coachees:

Q             What is Coaching?

A             Coaching is when your Coach listens and talks to you about what you’re doing and how to improve it. Coaching helps you to solve things that you do not really like.


Q             What can Coaching help you with?

A             It can help you with getting on with people, how to improve things like your friendships, and your manners. It’s where you can learn techniques from things you think you’re not doing very well in, or that you think about too much. It helps you to think about your feelings and be in charge of them, not them being in charge of you.


Q             What is it like being Coached?

A             It’s fun – I really like it! I can think of lots of solutions I never knew I had to problems that I’ve had for a while. It is like saying things and improving things that you don’t like, so when you do them in real life it’s easier and the problem is solved.


Q             How does it feel to be Coached?

A             I like walking away with solutions to my problems. Sometimes it is like you’re being tickled! It’s like being interviewed about stuff, but then it’s all edited and you only focus on the editing and then you go and live the edited bit because you’ve made it better.


Q             How does Coaching help you?

A             With your life and how to get on with things. Imagine you’re stuck with how to make friends and you want someone you play with. You give lots of solutions about this to your Coach and she helps you to decide which one to go and try out and make new friends.


Q             What if it doesn’t work?

A             Then you tell her and I figure out what to do next. Simple.


Q             What’s not good about Coaching?

A             Nothing.


Q             What if you need some things to be private?

A             That’s all talked about at the start so Mum knows, and I know, how it works. If you don’t want to talk about stuff because sometimes you just want to say it and move on, then you ask your Coach not to say anything, and it stays between you and her. If there’s something your Coach thinks your Mum needs to know, we talk about it first. It’s pretty obvious really.


Q             What if you really don’t want to talk about something?

A             Then you don’t! You say to your Coach you don’t want to talk about it and move onto something else that you do want to talk about.


Q             What things has Coaching really helped you with?

A             How to get friends, my behaviour really, and my feelings. I’ve started to feel more things and feelings come in handy, really.


Q             What advice would you give someone about to start Coaching?

A             Don’t lie – tell your Coach the truth. It’s the only way and she’s here to help you. If you lie, you’re only making things worse because then you’re talking about things you really don’t need to. You’re not actually talking about the things she can help you make better. It’s a waste of time – and time is something you can never get back.