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Dealing with Children’s Expectations at Christmas #1

Well, now that the battle of the Christmas TV adverts has well and truly began that can mean only one thing – it’s 5 Mondays till Christmas and it’s time to start getting organised! Christmas can be a magical time... Continue Reading →

How to Survive Half Term

Yes, it's OK - the rules can be holiday rules - for a few days! Here on the Costa, the majority of the international schools are on holiday. Yesterday it was a the novelty of the first day, today it’s... Continue Reading →

How Can My Child Learn to Take RESPONSIBILITY?

Children are GREAT at having us run around after them, aren't they? We know that having kids learn responsibility from a young age helps them to develop real self-esteem when they are older. Thing is, how to get kids to... Continue Reading →

Keeping Calm Around Grumpy Kids

Being moody is no fun - however being faced with a moody child can be very draining. Sometimes we don't know where it comes from - one minute everything was fine, then next, that sweet child you were talking to... Continue Reading →

Moody Kids? What Can I Do?

You know that feeling when yesterday your kids were angels and today it's all going horribly wrong? Being moody is normal - we all have bad days - yet being faced with a moody child or teenager is really hard... Continue Reading →

Coaching? What’s THAT and How Will it Help?

So, I work with children and parents to find solutions to concerns, or worries or problems. Coaching is making it better - making it good - making it great. If your children are driving you completely mad - insane -... Continue Reading →

Andrea Robson – Child and Parent Coach

Andrea Robson MA PGCE (QTS) CMCC ACC   My name is Andrea Robson and I am a qualified teacher with nearly 20 year's experience as a teacher and Head of School. I have worked internationally since 2004 and so am... Continue Reading →

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Building Self-Esteem

It's so hard when you see your little girl or boy having trouble with self-esteem. You really want to help build their self-esteem,  but nothing seems to work and there are so many pressures on them. Here's an image to... Continue Reading →

Making New Friends

For some children, making friends is really easy - for others - not so much. It can be an awkward and challenging time, both for your child and for you. Some children lack confidence when making new friends -  they... Continue Reading →

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