My kids are driving me MAD!

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Self Esteem

Children with good self esteem grow up to be confident, sociable and successful. Low self esteem can impact on their friendships, family life and performance at school.

Helping Children to Recognise When Things Are Going Well.

There are times in children’s lives, as well as our own, that things are going well. It is great when this happens; they are getting on at school, friendships are calm and happy, and they are even getting on with... Continue Reading →

Moody Kids? What Can I Do?

You know that feeling when yesterday your kids were angels and today it's all going horribly wrong? Being moody is normal - we all have bad days - yet being faced with a moody child or teenager is really hard... Continue Reading →

Coaching? What’s THAT and How Will it Help?

So, I work with children and parents to find solutions to concerns, or worries or problems. Coaching is making it better - making it good - making it great. If your children are driving you completely mad - insane -... Continue Reading →

Building Self-Esteem

It's so hard when you see your little girl or boy having trouble with self-esteem. You really want to help build their self-esteem,  but nothing seems to work and there are so many pressures on them. Here's an image to... Continue Reading →

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