You know that feeling when yesterday your kids were angels and today it’s all going horribly wrong? Being moody is normal – we all have bad days – yet being faced with a moody child or teenager is really hard to handle. It seems like your children are sweetness and light with everyone else – yet a nightmare with you.

Moody kids are tough on everyone – both you and your child.  After all, it’s not a great feeling when you’re in a bad mood is it? As adults we are (hopefully) able to control our emotions with a greater degree of success than children or teenagers. Certainly, it is a social expectation that we are in full control of our feelings. Yet, even as adults  it’s hard, especially when your kids are pushing all your buttons.  Controlling emotions is something that children learn to do as they get older. Then, just when they’re starting to manage their feelings and emotions – puberty kicks in and they have to go through it once more. Remember going through puberty?

However, let’s face it – and, as many a parent have admitted to me, – they’ve reached boiling point – and tempers on both sides have gone way over how you really want to feel or behave.

So, when you’ve a moody child at home – what can you do?

Here are a few tips to help: